Our Resolution


We offer a broad and balanced curriculum to engage and challenge the world, through dynamic and inspirational classroom teaching we aim to instill a love of learning in all our young people, which will stand them in good stead for life.

We recognise that when students enjoy what they’re doing in their classes, they achieve so much more. All our staff receives regular training to support their delivery of engaging and inspiring lessons: it’s not just what the students learn, it’s how they learn it. At Chate Public School this is a really important aspect of our approach to teaching. Outside the classroom, our lively extracurricular programme provides a wealth of opportunities for our students to broaden their experiences. Encourage students to participate in all the sports and competition and there are a whole range of other clubs from art and computing to debating and orienteering. We also organize a range of exciting trips, field visits


Chate Public School's Resolution

We intend to see our students come up as Sincere and Sensible Citizens We want them to be recognized for humanity, humbleness and kindness in all manners Our students should ever be ready to confront any life challenges and be great decision makers The hearts of our upcoming stalwarts should always nurture the feeling of patriotism and should possess universal brotherhood. They should help build a greater and more organized society and remain every constructive in making India a superpower in the age of globalization