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Chate Public School has a great reputation built up on many years of commitment and expertise. We have a high quality learning environment which we look after carefully. The ground provides super opportunities for creative play, outdoor learning, sport and community gatherings. The building is flexible, purposeful and provides a stimulating environment to maximize all opportunities whilst our facilities are very good, the real strength of the school lies within the people who work and play here. We pride ourselves as being a positive place where people young and old really matter.

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One of the India's best SSC School, Chate Public School has been built by many years of commitment and expertise Professor Fulchand.Chate Sir. with the vision ,to develop students for the future upcoming competitive world. The School has hands on best quality education, experience staff members who help the children to achieve their goal. Together Teachers ,kids and parents are co-ordinating such that each one is satisfied and contented. Moreover the emphasis is laid on students education, dance ,sports, recreation and fun time activities The school provides the students a caring, lovable and warm atmosphere where the child will grow in happy but disciplined manner We have won over the trust of many parents and we are very much grateful about it

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Chate Public School (CBSE)

Transforming lives by implanting 21st century skills and inspiring lifelong learning in every student.

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Chate Public School & Jr College (SSC)

Creating a alley to abet students in achieving their educational and personal goals leading to a fulfilling future within the greater community.

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Chate Pre Primary School (Kids)

Chate Pre School method lay a solid foundation for children and help them to grasp knowledge easily in the later stages of school and college life. At Chate Pre School we respect each child's path of learning and growth and give them the liberty to choose the activities they are interested in.


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Prof. Fulchand Chate

Founder (Chate Public School)

Dear Students, In our opinion an educational institution should not be simply a means to an end. Instead of merely churning out individuals, we give much credit to influencing an ideal society that can be cultivated through quality education. Our system of education aims at making students visionary of modern times with a confident and balanced worldly view. Undeniably, India has come up as the country to beat in a more benign rivalry over education with magnificent success in software developments, internet businesses and knowledge intensive industries. India appears much secure about its schools and educational set – up as myriad Indians have consistently ranked at the top of international tests; which is why today, India is seen as the world’s ascendant education superpower.

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CBSE – Indian Certificate of Secondary Education brought by the Anglo Indian Community (later 50s) initially governed by education board in Britain but in the 1960s it started being governed by the Central Board in Delhi. It is a National level accredited board which is more urban (more cosmopolitan) and focuses more on languages. Exam pattern is 60 % subjective and 40 % objective. The level of math’s and science and other subjects is as per the age appropriate objectives set by the NCF (National Curriculum Framework),the Education governing body of India. CBSE ( Central Board of Secondary Education)-is the other National level Indian Central Board owing to the fact that it is providing quality education to every nook and corner of India. It is 40% and 60% in its approach. 40% subjective and 60% objective. All national level exams are based on the CBSE curriculum. It has a good balance of science and language input. Books used are prescribed by the Board (NCERT books). Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 books and question papers are all set by the Board.
To reduce the stress level CBSE has gone for CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) which due to regular evaluation reduces stress to the minimum. Schools are allowed to conduct certain number of exams in a year. The cumulative average of all these exams are taken for final consideration. In CBSE the whole personality is assessed, writing ability, class work, homework discipline participation in co-curricular activities all these are taken into account.
The Board focuses on the overall development of the child and not only rote learning. All National Level Exams are based on CBSE so the child is well groomed to take up any competitive exam in future. It is a progressive board and brings in regular updations for betterment.
IGCSE-(International Global Certificate of Secondary Examination ) is akin to the  state Board of England. The focus is more on application and content knowledge of students CBSE– is good if you if you want to appear for the competitive exams otherwise both the Boards are at par with each other and are globally accepted and recognized. It is a progressive board where reforms are introduced as per the topical needs of the students.

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